Window and Architectural Woodwork Restoration Chicago

Private Residence

Chicago, IL



  • Restore Double hung  windows, frames and storm windows

  • Restore intricate Italianate cornice

  • Replicate missing windows



Like brand new windows - only better Some of our field crew at work Before..... obviously

Project Team



Restoration Consultant

General Contractor


Granacki Historic Consultants
Full Name: Vicki Granacki
1105 West Chicago Avenue, Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60642
Bus: (312) 421-1131
Bus Fax: (312) 421-1295





The before photo's on this project show a tremendous amount of paint as well as missing parts and damage.

Cornice restoration in Downtown Chicago from left: before,  stripped,  refinished
Building History





Two replicas and one original


The field crew at work (a lot of corners and crevices)
  Drawings and other

Click here to download a copy of the 3d drawing of the italianate bracket above.