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Benefits of Window Restoration

  • Complies with all historic covenants.
  • No window looks exactly like your original window, except your original window.
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Interior trim can be reused, restored.
  • Window Restoration can cause less intrusion to the use of the space.
  • LEED credits
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Rock Island Arsenal Officers Quarters - Click for more info

Rock Island Arsenal

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Hegeler Carus Mansion




National Historic Landmarks

History has been entrusted with the solemn responsibility of restoring woodwork and windows in the most significant national properties, National Historic Landmarks.


Maryland State House - Click for more details

Maryland State House



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Oklahoma State University


Peabody Estate - click for more info

Peabody Estate

Evanston Women's Club

Evanston Women's Club

Tippecanoe County Courthouse

National Register Sites and Landmark Properties

Window restoration is the only way to adhere to the Department of the Interior / National Park Services requirements for Preservation. Our museum quality methods of restoration comply with the strictest interpretations of the applicable preservation briefs. We work closely with State Historic Preservation Officials and other governing bodies to provide the most historically respectful preservation work possible.

Marshall County Courthouse

Marshall County Courthouse

Accident Fund Insurance Hdqtrs

Accident Fund Ntl Insurance Hdqtrs

Ali Mansion

Ali Mansion

Overholser Mansion - click for more details

Overholser Mansion

Miners Institute / Theater

Miner's Institute

Sigma Phi Epsilon at Iowa State University

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Decatur Transfer House

Robert E Lee Building - Click for more details

Robert E Lee Building

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YWCA Building

Railway Exchange Building

Attica Post Office

Clinton Post Office

Greencastle Post Office

Lebanon Post Office

Montgomery Settlers Cottage - click for more details

 Montgomery Settlers Cottage

Schmidt Burnham Log Cabin - click for more info

Schmidt-Burnham Log Cabin

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Grand Army of the Republic

Joy's Hallmark Store

Storefronts and Commercial Buildings

Owners of commercial buildings lean towards restoration to take advantage of tax benefits, as well as the fact that restoration can be more cost effective than new windows. Restoration is always the best option for keeping the character of the building. Restoration can also be less intrusive to tenants than wholesale replacement. Interior trim can be reused, saving thousands.


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Private Residences

Owners of historic homes take pride in the history in their home. Whether because of the historic glass, or the old growth, virgin timber, or simply the comparatively short lifespan of modern manufactured windows, many homeowners choose window restoration over replacement.

Energy grants, restoration grants, and tax freeze incentives are available to defray the cost of window restoration.

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Multifamily, Condominiums, Mid and High-rise

Homeowners associations struggle with window replacement by only a unit or two at a time. After hours and weeks of research they always come to the same conclusion. The only windows that look like the original are the originals. Each tenant / owner may not have the budget to replace their windows at the same time as everyone else. With window restoration, restored windows look exactly the same as the units who have not yet been restored. No more mismatched windows by unit. All the windows look uniform on the entire building.

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Window restoration at a glance:

  • EPOXY REPAIRS are done with scientifically formulated epoxies that match the thermal expansion coefficient of the wood to give the strongest repair possible.
  • WOOD REPLACEMENT is done only when absolutely necessary and exactly matching the original.
  • GLASS RETENTION OR REPLACEMENT is available for all types of glass. We can update your windows with insulated glass, retain original glass, install restoration glass, even install antique glass from our warehouse.
  • HARDWARE can be re-plated, or polished and lacquered or simply stripped, lubricated and reinstalled. New restoration hardware can be applied, or exact historic replicas cast to replace missing hardware.

Please note that this process is modified to fit the needs and goals of the individual project and client.